New clothes

Diese Sachen habe ich gestern gekauft, besonders die Hose finde ich super :) Naja jetzt muss ich erstmal dieses super Wetter genießen. Hoffe euch bleibt auch die Zeit das Wetter zu genießen (:

Translation: This things I bought yesterday and I like especially the short. Well I have to enjoy this great weather. Hope you have enough time to enjoying this weather too (:


Kezia Mariska hat gesagt…

Hi Linda!!
I missed your blog so much! I haven't visited your blog in a while and it looks like I've missed some good post. I have been so busy. Lot of assignments driving me crazy!
Really love your new stuffs!! Especially the short, it has a nice color.
Have a great day honey!!

Imaginación al poder hat gesagt…

I like them :)